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49 Seater and 50 Seat Sheffield Coach Hire

49 50 Seat Sheffield Coach Hire

When you're travelling in a mid-sized group or a large one, you'd be surprised just how well a 49 seater and 50 seat coach hire will suit your needs. Even for smaller groups, these coaches can still be a very good alternative especially when you consider all the possibilities you can enjoy with this type of vehicle. You can change the way you travel just by using your imagination to make use of all the extra space you'd get in a 49 seat or 50 seat coach. For clients who're thinking big, the services we provide at Coach Hire Sheffield make for a great solution.

Size makes all the difference

Size a major factor when you're talking about transportation. For a large group, a large vehicle makes it easy for you to get around a city such as Sheffield with relative ease. When such large groups use more than one vehicle, it becomes a nightmare trying to get everyone where you want them to be. Delays in traffic, breaking down of vehicles and countless other issues can real get in the way of group's plan and sometimes a few people may even get left behind. With enough space in the vehicles such as in our 49 seater and 50 seat coach, travelling as one group is that much easier and you don't have to worry about who's going ahead or who's getting left behind.

It's eco-friendly

The environment really suffers when every person in the group decides that they'll be making their way to the same destination in different vehicles. A better coordinated group travel is just one of the solutions that the world needs right now consider the rapidly growing problem of global warming because it puts less vehicles on the road. You'll also be happy to know that you'll be working with a company that is also dedicated to preserving the environment. Heavy vehicles can be a big problem with regards to pollution but our vehicles have specially fitted devices that help to bring down the emissions from the vehicle.

Fine travelling experience

When you have a group that needs to work on a few things even when on the road or when the trip you're going on is particularly long, features you may have thought of as luxuries suddenly become necessities. From air-conditioning systems and entertainment systems to sliding roofs and reclining seats, there are many extra features that you can make use of when travelling with us. You can even request special additions such as tables.

Travelling has become a whole new experience for many people thanks to these extra features. With mobile devices being so important to us, you'll be glad to know that our coaches come with charging ports and these also work well when you have some last minute work to do on your laptop. Having a table to assist with that can be a big thing. The vehicles also come with on-board drink coolers and with refreshments if requested. This perfect for when you're going on a long trip.

Reclining seats and state-of-the-art entertainment system help to put some fun and comfort into the travelling experience. In case you need a place where you can relax before you get to your destination, you'll find our 49 seater and 50 seat coach hire vehicles are able to provide you with just the environment you need. Call us today to make a booking.