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Coach Hire Sheffield

Coach Hire Sheffield

Having a fleet of coaches that you can choose from is just the sort of thing you need when a minibus or a mini coach just won't do. We have made major steps in our desire to become the ultimate provider of group hiring solutions in the area here at Coach Hire Sheffield. Many customers will always wonder whether the available coach will have the right capacity for their group but our large variable fleet makes it easy to get something that's just right. A minibus is nice and cosy on most days but there comes a time when you could use a little extra luggage space or a few extra seats. Rather than trying to figure out how you're going to cram everyone into a small space, we simply provide you with a few more solutions here at Coach Hire Sheffield. This means no one ever has to get left behind.

Flexible Coach Hire

Many customers come back to hire our services and some even go the extra mile of recommending us to their friends and family. We believe it is the flexibility of our coach hire service and our ability to meet diverse needs that makes them so confident in us. In our lot you'll find coaches with lots of variability in terms of capacity, brand and style. You'll also find coaches with a lot of differences in the features available inside. No matter what type of coach your group needs to get around Sheffield with ease, we'll have it here.

The capacity of our smallest coach is 20 people and if you're a small group but need that little extra bit of luggage space or just a midsized group, this will be the coach for you. Our 57-seater coaches are the largest in our fleet and these have demonstrated their worth when it comes to moving large groups such as in large weddings. Thanks to the large size of the coach, even larger luggage items will find some space inside so you can bring along all that you need.

A customisable solution

There are clients who are looking for a minimalistic traveling experience and don't really both with the extra features but there are also those who need a transportation solution that is in sync with their needs. We get many clients for whom the regular coaches just won't work including people with special needs and clients travelling with very young children. The customizable nature of our coaches is very important in such situations. Thanks to the extra space inside the coaches, we are able to put in special features to address the special needs of our clients. Whether you need child seats or wheelchair accessibility, we can provide you with a solution.

The extra features that we can have in your coach aren't only for special needs people. We have other features that we can add for clients who need a little extra comfort or functionality inside the coach. From tables and screens to special seats, there are a lot of extra features you won't mind having in your coach.

There are different drivers that you can also choose from when hiring a coach. The drivers we hire have experience driving in the city of Sheffield. They won't just get you to your destination, they can also show you many points of interest in the city. Call us today and talk to us about booking a coach.