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Vehicle Required

Coach Hire Sheffield

You can hardly ask for a better transportation solution for a group in a city like Sheffield than a coach. Thanks to the many industries that are in the city and its long history makes it a popular destination for many people from other parts of the UK and the world. There are over one and a half million people living in the metropolitan area and this makes it a very busy area. We work with many clients both from within and outside the city of Sheffield and Coach Hire Sheffield is always keen to give clients the very best solutions to their needs. Our coach hire fleet ensures there's always something for you.

Tour The City In Style

Our coaches are well designed to offer a unique experience when used for touring. One of the main features of these coaches are the large glass windows that provide our clients with breath-taking views of the attractions in the city and the windows also have curtains for better privacy or just in case you're tired of looking outside. You get all the comfort you need for the journey thanks to the excellent seats in our coaches. The seats can be reclined so you can enjoy your journey from a more comfortable position and they are fitted with excellent cushioning material.

Coaches For Your Events

Providing tours is just one of the many things we do here at Coach Hire Sheffield. We work with many different groups need many different services. Some of our most regular clients are people attending events either in the city of Sheffield or the nearby areas. No matter what or who you need at the event, there is plenty of space in our coaches for everyone to fit in. Our staff are keen on time-keeping and our vehicles don't just provide you with the comforts you need but are also reliable so your group can get to the event in good time. From funerals and weddings to corporate retreats and school trips, there are many events that you can rely on us to get you to.

Football Team Coach

You can now ensure that you team get to enjoy a comfortable ride the next time they head out for a football match. You obviously want your team to get to the game in great shape and their minds focused on nothing but the game and this is why you need our coach hire service. If you're thinking of bringing along more than just the team you can also take advantage of our large fleet of coaches to get a bigger vehicles so no one gets left behind.

Experienced Hire Company

For many years, the people of Sheffield have been calling on Coach Hire Sheffield whenever they need a coach hire service that they could rely on. The company has gained a great reputation for being able to match the needs of clients in the years that it has been operating in this area. You can be sure that you're getting your money's worth any time you step into our vehicles and our flexible staff will ensure you get the service you deserve. Our pocket friendly pricing systems ensures that the coach you need is always within the reach of your pocket. Get in touch with us today for more information on our services.

Minibus Hire Sheffield

In a city like Sheffield, getting a minibus to hire can be quite tricky. You could be easily disappointed by your choice of minibus so you must always ask yourself a few questions about where you are going and what you expect from your minibus hire service of choice. When you have such hard questions with regard to your minibus hire needs, we believe that we can give you very satisfactory solutions here at Coach Hire Sheffield. We believe we have an answer for everyone including you because we have modelled our services to enable us to cater to as many diverse groups as we possibly can here in Sheffield.

Reliable Coaches & Minibuses

Any company can claim to be reliable but very few can actually show you just why you can trust them to be reliable. As many customers have found out, this is the one thing you can never compromise on when looking for a minibus hire company. There are many ways your hire company can let you down, and many will because some will not be able to get you to your destination in time while others will only have the most uncomfortable vehicles for you. We go to great pains to separate ourselves from such companies.

There are strict maintenance plans in place for all our vehicles. Our vehicles can be relied on to operate for long periods without incident because we have their maintenance planned out for long periods and this ensures they are always purring as they should. Inspections are carried out after every trip to diagnose any problem early. Any problem that may have come up during the trip is reported immediately so it can be addressed exhaustively. Late pickups and other delays are not in our dictionary because our people are always reliable.

Flexible Travel Services

When you need a transportation service that is tailored to meet your needs and expectations, you don't go looking for public transport or taxis, you come to a company such as ours that is all about unique customer experiences. We believe the flexibility is one of the cornerstones of the kind of services that we provide. Your group's needs are sure to always be met because we have much to choose from ranging from the vehicle types and sizes to internal features.

Sheffield Minibus Hire

We have self drive minibuses and minibus hires that come with a driver and you can choose either depending on your situation. Groups that value privacy above all else such as corporate teams may prefer to have their own drivers. The driver you bring must of course have the right qualifications for the job. Clients who are keen to explore the city of Sheffield in the hands of a driver that we can guaranteed is capable and knowledgeable will prefer the hire option that comes with a driver. Our drivers are some of the best you'll work with in the city of Sheffield. We always recommend going with our drivers if you want to be sure of stress free minibus hire experience.

Whether you're in a small group of 8 or a large group of 18, there's a minibus here that will be just the right size for you and your group. You can make your booking today by getting in touch with our customer care experts who will also answer any questions you have.

Our Services

Sheffield is a major city in the UK. The city has a history that goes back thousands of years and is even recognized as the home of the oldest football club in the world i.e. Sheffield FC. This long history has contributed to the city having many tourist attractions that bring in a lot of people to the city every year. As a city, you can always expect Sheffield to be busy thanks to the large population and the many visitors who come in each year. This makes it difficult to sometime travel as a large group. Coach Hire Sheffield provides the sort of group transport solution that you need when in a city like Sheffield.

Quality Transport Providers

For many years, the people in Sheffield and the surrounding areas have been turning to Coach Hire Sheffield for minibus and coach hire services. Visitors who are new to the city have also been able to call upon us when they needed a good transportation service. Each year, more and more customers come looking for our services from all walks of life including big companies and schools. How we've been providing our services is the telling factor and the reason why many customers keep coming back to us when they need to hire a minibus or a coach.

We have used the many years of experience we have here at Coach Hire Sheffield to revolutionise how we serve our clients. We have acquired a greater understanding of our clientele in this period because we've been able to work with many different types of customers with very different expectations. We have taken time to analyse our past customers' experiences to know where we need to make changes so we've been able to tailor our services to be more satisfactory for the next customers. The fact that the number of positive reviews we get seems to increase with every passing year shows that we're on the right track.

Choosing The Right Vehicle

Being able to make a decision on the vehicle that is most suitable for their needs is one of the things the people who come to us value the most. Being able to make this choice gives our clients the feeling that they actually get to control what they feel is best for them. We have a large fleet of vehicles here at Coach Hire Sheffield and this gives our clients plenty to work with. We have vehicles ranging from minibuses and mini coaches to full-sized coaches and this lets you make the choice on what you feel is closest to your needs.

If you're in small group then you'll love the options that we have in our fleet of minibuses. For small families that are going on a trip or just being picked up from the airport, the small, cosy environment of the minibus provides a more intimate setting. We have minibuses that can comfortably seat from 8 to 18 people and they also have lots of luggage space so you can travel with all that you need when going on trips. Sometimes we get customers for whom our minibuses are just a little too small and in such situations, our mini coaches provide an excellent option to fall back on.

Large Groups Catered For

For groups of up to 57 people, the coach hire alternative is an ideal solution. The same solution also works in case you're travelling in a small group but you need a lot more baggage space. For a person looking for just a slight upgrade from our mini coaches, we have a coach with 20 seat capacity and this works well if you're not looking to hire a coach that will have too much unused space. Transporting a large group is a lot easier with our large coaches such as our 53 seat and 57 seat coaches.

When you're looking to get your money's worth when hiring a coach or a minibus, we are the company you should be working with. You can choose to pay for our standard transport solutions or you can also decide to go for other options so you get all the extra features we can fit into the vehicle. You may need this when travelling with children or when you want a little extra luxury in your journey.

You can even hire a self drive minibus so you can move around with your own driver. This is good when you need privacy or the security of someone you're used to working with. Give us a call today and talk to our customer care representatives about any bookings or extra features you may want.

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