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8 and 10 Seater Minibus Hire Sheffield

8 and 10 Seater Minibus Hire Sheffield

For small families going on trips in Sheffield or just attending an event, the 8 seater minibus hire Sheffield and 10 seat minibus hire are two of the most popular services among those that we offer. Driving to a given destination will not always be the solution you're looking for especially if it's quite a distance away. Regular car hires or taxis may work but they are not likely to be the most practical solutions. The taxi and the regular car may not have enough space for each person in your group or they may have space for everyone but not for the luggage. If you're going on a long trip and can't afford to leave anything behind, this isn't acceptable.

The taxi option will also present another difficult problem. A taxi may work for short distances but on a long trip you may accumulate a very high charge. Multiply this by the number of taxis you'd need to get all your luggage and group members to your destination and the resulting bill may not make sense. When you go for our 8 seater minibus hire Sheffield and 10 seat minibus hire, you'll get an option that provides you with enough space for everything and everyone. Our prices are also quite affordable and you'll know just how much you'll be paying for the whole experience.

Hire Our Minibuses

When hiring our minibus, there are two options available; the self-drive minibus hire and the minibus hire with driver option. It's obvious why going with one of our drivers is a very good idea. Our drivers are professionals who have many years of experience transporting groups of people and these skills and experience can make a great difference. The drivers are also residents of Sheffield and are familiar with most destinations, tourist attractions and even great places to get a meal and this has been a huge benefit to many of our clients. Going with the self-drive minibus hire is also not a bad idea if you have a good driver in your group. This will enable your group to travel with all the privacy they need or with a driver they're more comfortable with.

Riding In Comfort

Comfort isn't a last minute addition in our vehicles but part and parcel of the package from the very beginning. The designs of our vehicles are done with comfort in mind. We have gathered previous clients' opinions on what they thought would make their trip more comfortable. Many requested seats that provided better lumbar support, more space for their legs and feet and a less bumpy ride.

We responded to these suggestions in the manner that a company with our level of experience and professionalism should. Our 8 seater minibus hire Sheffield and 10 seat minibus hire vehicles are designed with lower centres of gravity and with very good suspension systems. You can be sure of a smoother ride even with potholes or bumps on the road. The vehicles and seating arrangement are designed to ensure each passenger gets lots of leg and shoulder space. The seats are also of very high quality so you can enjoy your ride even more. Some of the seats are even adjustable in case you want to lean back and take it easy. Call us today to book your 8 or 10 seat minibus.