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10 and 12 Seater Minibus Hire Sheffield

10 12 Seat Sheffield Minibus Hire with Driver

When customers need that one extra option, it's having something like our 10 seater minibus hire Sheffield and 12 seat minibus hire service that makes all the difference. When you're travelling as a group, there are many cases where that extra space will mean a lot. Even a small group can be travelling with enough luggage to fill a large coach and this isn't something unusual to us here at Coach Hire Sheffield and thus the smaller minibuses may not be able to provide the solution a client is looking for. It's in such cases that having as many other options as we do makes a lot of sense.

For the group with only a little extra luggage, the 10 seater minibus hire Sheffield and 12 seat minibus hire are the perfect answer because either option will give you space for the odd luggage item that couldn't fit. Even our vehicles have their limits in terms of luggage despite the fact that they are optimized to provide lots of space for everyone and everything. If everyone in a group has a significant amount of luggage, the minibus with a lower capacity will not be able to take it. For any vehicle you choose we can provide you with a guide as to the amount of luggage you'll be able to have on board with you.

A customer first service approach

When it comes to customer satisfaction, we don't believe that other companies in this industry can claim to achieve what we have at Coach Hire Sheffield. Our customer service isn't just doing the bare necessities but guiding the customers all the way. Hiring a minibus is a new experience for many of the customers who come to us and many have never been in charge of making travel arrangements for a group. Many other companies may see this as an opportunity to make more money by taking advantage but that's not how we do business.

At Coach Hire Sheffield, a new customer is our chance to make a good first impression and build a relationship that may last for months or years to come. This is why clients, new and old, can always expect a service delivery level that is beyond what they'd find anywhere else. We guide our customers to options that will ensure they are getting the best value for their money. We advise the customers on the best options depending on how much luggage everyone in the group is bringing and we'll show you exactly what makes the options we recommend the best ones for you and your group. It's this sort of service that has kept many customers loyal to us here at Coach Hire Sheffield.

Rather than give you a blanket price for the service, we will give you a detailed price analysis that will show you exactly why we charge what we charge. If there are any extras that will be added, their prices (where applicable) will also be shown accordingly. No matter what you pay, we ensure that you understand just what you're paying for.

To assist you to plan for your trip, we can also provide seating charts so you can see where everyone will sit and where the luggage will go. Even if you've never done it before, we will make planning for your group's next trip a more pleasant experience.