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17 Seater Minibus Hire Sheffield | 18 Seat Minibus Hire

17 and 18 Seat Sheffield Minibus Hire

When you're looking to hire a minibus in Sheffield, the 17 seater minibus hire Sheffield and 18 seat minibus hire service are the largest options that we can provide for you. For many people, this size of minibus is always the first choice especially when they have with them a lot of luggage. The size of the 17 and 18 seat minibuses means that they are ideal for families going on holiday trips because it has just the right amount of space for the family and the luggage they'll want to bring. Even for people who are new to the city of Sheffield, these minibuses are an easy pick.

Safety for you and your family

Safety will probably be the first thing in your mind when you're in charge of hiring the minibus that the family will be using when going on their holiday trip. The safety of our customers is always high on our agenda as we offer our services at Coach Hire Sheffield. For the worst case scenario, our vehicles are fitted with very responsive seat belts and airbag systems and these come standard in all our vehicles. These safety features also undergo regular testing just to ensure that they are in good working condition.

Despite our preparedness for the worst case scenario, at Coach Hire Sheffield, we believe more in prevention than cure. We believe that although we can completely eliminate the likelihood of something going wrong, there are steps that we can take to reduce to possibility that something will go wrong. For starters, our fleet including our 17 seater minibus hire Sheffield and 18 seat minibus hire vehicles undergo frequent testing and inspection. The maintenance schedules are adhered to strictly and the vehicles are also checked after every trip. This ensures that essential systems are in good working condition every time. Modern equipment are used for diagnostic checks and these help us to detect most problems early enough.

Get around Sheffield like a pro

Just in case you're new to the city of Sheffield and still keen to drive yourself around the city, we can assist you to find your way around with a lot more ease. We conduct extensive consultations with our clients before they leave and we talk about the various destinations they'll be going to among others and this gives us a chance to recommend the best routes to the customers so you always go with the path of least resistance. If you need a map we can also provide one just to make things easier.

Because Sheffield is such a busy city, the situation on the road can change suddenly without any warning. Even a single accident can turn into a nightmare for many road users. This is one of the reasons why our vehicles are equipped with on board GPS systems and trackers. The GPS can assist you to find your way around the city while the trackers will let us know wherever you are. In case of an eventuality and you need our help, the trackers will make it easy for us to find you. The vehicles also have communication systems and these enable us to get in touch with you in case we have some information you need to have.

You can book your minibus today by giving us a call or you can send us an email or send a message through our website.